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Old Austin Westfield May Be For You

Westfield - it's an area of many names: West Enfield, Old Enfield and Old West Austin. But no matter what you call it, certain things are always the same. Westfield is a historic gem in a thriving city. It is a place where people come to live and where people stay. It is a home, a community, and a buyer's dream-come-true.

History Westfield borders Tarrytown; as such, the two share a history that is storied, diverse and ongoing. The area, then Enfield, was originally a part of the Pease Estate. The estate's mansion, home to Governor Elisha Pease, was designed to be a tribute to the Greek revival movement and was built by Abner Cook in 1853. In 1910, Enfield was subdivided making way for the smaller communities that exist in the area today. However, history persisted. You can still find numerous historic homes and tributes to its founders.

When you are in Westfield, you will feel as if you have found a place that has perfectly merged the past with the present. Economy Westfield is one of the most stable communities in the city, drawing in residents with backgrounds diverse in nature but with futures alike in their success. Students, young professionals, recent graduates, professors, politicians and even celebrities flock to Westfield for housing. They turn to downtown Austin - with its bevy of technology and science-based jobs - for employment. As the city continues to thrive, so do the residents. They prosper with every jump in population, boom in industry and flux in opportunity.

There is no question of if the citizens of Westfield will enjoy financial success, but rather of how much. Real Estate The beauty and history of Westfield may lead many to believe they cannot afford a home in the area, but that's not true. While some properties sell for more than one million dollars, others are listed as low as $100,000. Every budget is welcome in Westfield. The styles of homes range from preserved historic to state-of-the-art new. There are apartments with 1000 square feet, two-bedroom cottages, condos and 6-8 bedroom estate homes.

Whatever the size, each is built with quality and aesthetics in mind. Those that are older have been updated to include the most modern conveniences. You cannot go wrong with a home in Westfield.

Attractions The attraction of Westfield is clear: history and modernity. The area itself is thriving with stories from the past. Having housed one of the state's governors it is a place where one can easily learn much about Austin and Texas' start.

And for those more interested in the present, downtown Austin is only a short step away. There, they will find a city flooded with activity. Sports, parks, shopping centers, museums and music arenas make it a place where no one is ever concerned with boredom. Westfield is a rare commodity. It is one of the few places left in the country offering a look at the past with a beauty and elegance that convinces you to stay for the future.

The author writes articles on Austin Texas Real Estate Blog. For more information about Tarrytown Homes for Sale, Homes for Sale in Westfield and Austin Real Estate can be found on the net.

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