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How To Shortcut The Emini Trading Learning Curve By Three Years Or More

I'm an observer. I watch Emini traders come and go, I watch them start their trading careers with great enthusiasm, spend a fortune on learning this business, and a lot of the time, watch them blow up and give the game away frustrated without ever knowing why. Hot topics, Emini trading systems and trends come along regularly.

There's always a new 'in' thing making an appearance on the trader's radar screen. And whenever there's a new rage, there will be traders who jump on the bandwagon. But the fact is that many of these trading system 'revelations' are nothing more than over-hyped garbage designed to separate gullible traders from their cash. Systems that sound great in theory, but don't work in the real world. What happens when this new system doesn't work as advertised? People begin to lose interest and look for the next big thing.

And so the cycle continues. Marketers selling their Emini trading systems continue to roll out their latest and greatest 'must have' tools and methods for beating the market, and all the poor souls who are looking for something to help them improve their trading results, pile on board hoping that finally 'this is the one'. Normally it's not 'the one' at all, so the promoters give a few refunds to those who actually tried to use it and failed, and everyone else just puts the whole sad episode down to experience. There is a never-ending stream of trading products and courses to buy. The bottomline is that you might never stop spending money on useless training if you try to learn to trade the Emini yourself. But - What if could shortcut this expensive, difficult to master, extremely time consuming 'learning to trade' experience altogether and start trading the Emini market profitably right now, as soon as tomorrow? Well you can, and it's a very simple thing to do.

By subscribing to a Trading Alert Service that gives you high probability buy and sell signals, you completely remove the need to spend a fortune on trial and error and untold years of your valuable time on learning to trade. You simply borrow the proven system of somebody who's worked out how to trade the Emini market profitably, and follow the signals you are given. Of course, there are good Alert Services and there are bad ones, so what should you look for when making a decision on which one to register for? 1.

Look for a service run by trader who has been in the market for a long period of time who still actually trades the Emini market. You wouldn't believe the number of people selling trading services who have been so beat up by the market that they haven't traded in years. If the guy who runs the service is actually making the calls live in the market for you, that's even better. 2.

Make sure you can access a free trial of the service so you can 'road test' the alerts and the atmosphere of the Trading Room before you commit to it. If they won't give you a trial, run, don't walk, away with your credit card safely in your wallet. 3. Spend your time during your free trial period testing the validity of the trading calls and make sure they are profitable before you commit to becoming a member of the system.

If you don't find that the system produces a profit for you (whether you paper traded the alerts during your trial or traded them for real), it's unlikely that it will afterwards either. Beware the "Oh, this was just a bad week" story some people will spin you. By finding a Trading Alert Service that produces consistently profitable trades, you will save your most valuable resource - your time, and likely thousands of dollars in losses as you try to work it all out for yourself.

Rocky Tapscott is a trader and investor who works with Professional Emini Trading Coach Sam Goldberg. Sam has introduced a new Trading Alert Service that signals regular, high probability, low risk trade setups. Drop by http://www.futurestradingcoach.com/tradingalerts.htm for a Free 7 Day Trial

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