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How to Refinance A Second Mortgage

The first mortgage on a home has the term of typically 15 to 30 years. The monthly installments are divided over this term such that by the end of the term mortgage is paid off. However, over the years the equity that is the interest on property increases, as there is an appreciation in the value of home. This provides the owner with an option to take a loan against this equity in case he is in need of money. This loan is taken in addition to the existing mortgage on the home and such a loan is called second mortgage.

It has a higher interest rate and is for a shorter term. Or if a person is not able to pay these installments a balloon payment option i.e. a large single payment at the end of the term is also available. Even after a second mortgage, suppose you are not able to fulfill your financial commitments and other debts then refinancing the second mortgage is a popular solution that could prove ideal for you. Through refinancing second mortgage you can enjoy good interest rates plus more convenient repayment terms.

These factors offered by second mortgage refinancing improve the debtor's money in hand as well as offer low monthly payments. When you go for an unsecured loan one has to give high monthly payments and high interest rates. However if you take up refinancing, second mortgage loans are often the most effective and affordable solution, as they allow you to borrow the money with no extra rates on your loan. As compared to other unsecured loans, a second mortgage loan is secured on your home, thus providing the lender with more security and he can therefore offer far better rates of interest. Refinancing second mortgage loans provide a far longer repayment period than other unsecured loans. Moreover they are a good option available for people with a bad credit.

Since these loans are secured against an asset they provide you with low interest rates and very low monthly repayments as compared with a loan that was not secured. The blend of these factors helps to make these loans far better value for money. Now an important point is that with a second mortgage the refinance amount is secured against your property, and therefore failure to keep up with repayments on the second mortgage could result in you losing your asset. So it is vital that you ensure that you can comfortably repay the loan before making any commitment. Refinancing second mortgage packages provide affordable solutions to those needing finance at manageable rates.

Now, if you're refinancing your second mortgage, you should know about the Home Ownership and Equity Protection Act of 1994. The law addresses certain deceptive means in refinancing second mortgage. It amends the Truth in Lending Act (TILA) and establishes requirements for certain loans with high rates and/or high fees. Here's what loans are covered, the law's disclosure requirements, prohibited features, and actions you can take against a lender who is violating the law. The law covers a loan if it meets the following tests: 1)An original mortgage on the property, the annual percentage rate (APR) exceeds by more than eight percentage points the rates on Treasury securities of comparable maturity. 2)A second mortgage or a refinance second mortgage, the APR exceeds by more than 10 percentage points the rates in Treasury securities of comparable maturity.

On these loans and refinances the lender must 3)Give you a written notice stating that you can withdraw even though you've signed the loan application. You have three business days to decide whether to sign the loan agreement. 4)The notice must warn you that, because the lender will have a mortgage on your home, you could lose the asset, if you fail to make payments. The lender must disclose the APR, the regular payment amount (including any balloon payment where the law permits balloon payments), and the loan amount. You may have the right to sue a lender for violations of these new requirements. In a successful suit, you may be able to recover statutory and actual damages, court costs and attorney's fees.

In addition, a violation of the high-rate, high-fee requirements of the TILA may enable you to cancel the loan.

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