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DVD Ripper Application A Perfect Gift For New Years

Your (insert name here � child, spouse, grandchild, niece or nephew, brother, sister, cousin) wants a DVD ripper this Christmas. At first, it sounds like a weapon and you aren�t having anything to do with that sort of thing this year. After a little explanation, you decide that maybe this doesn�t sound like such a bad thing and you investigate it.

Before moving further, it is very important to know what a DVD Ripper actually does. It is basically a software that converts DVD to VCD, SVCD, AVI, MP3, iPod and even to hard drive of the computer without any kind of loss of quality. Therefore, with the help of DVD Ripper it will be possible to enjoy any movie without the DVD Disc. However, lets have a look at the features of the DVD Ripper: - The first interesting feature is that, wherever you are, either traveling far or just out of home, you can still take the pleasure of movies. The ripped movies can fit in your iPod or mobile phones, which you are carrying with yourself.

2. It�s much more useful than those ugly sweaters you buy me every year! (And I never wear). 3.

You really don�t want to stand in a loooong line somewhere, and wait to return something else I didn�t want in the first place. See #1. 4. It�s a perfectly legal activity. I wont get in to trouble if you buy me a DVD ripper.

However, the same cannot be said if you buy me more socks and underwear. I just might get violent. - The next best feature of the DVD Ripper is that the whole process is quite fast and so simple that even your small niece or nephew can handle it. High-speed rippers are out there, that can rip DVD movie to almost any video and audio format very easily, within a couple of hours. - It will be tougher to carry so many title boxes.

The preferable option then is to make a ripped copy of all the titles and dump it in the hard disk. - You can make a copy of your favorite movie and later play it back on a computer or iPod. You can also share it with your friends.

- One of the popular containers to keep the video files is AVI. The compression CODECs used to rip the video is Xvid, DivX, x264, On VP2, WMV, ASF, etc. There are a number of other containers also like mp4, mkv, etc. 9. I love you. (See #1) - A ripper supports VCD, KVCD, MPEG1, MPEG2, RM, RMVB, WMV, WMA, ASF and many other formats.

A DVD Ripper copies a DVD (movie) from the disk on to the hard drive of a computer. While the term may conjure images of illegal activities up in your head, don�t worry. As long as the DVD isn�t being uploaded in order to be downloaded again and sold or distributed, it is OK.

Watching it on your own computer, after you have purchased the movie, is fine. Many people buy movies, but want to watch them as they travel on business or vacations, but don�t want to haul the extra baggage around. DVD ripping is most appropriate in this situation. DVD ripping requires new technology in order to get the best quality out of the product.

If you are looking for dvd ripping and dvd copy software solutions, visit DVDShrinkNow.com for information by Isaiah Henry on how to copy DVDs and rip a DVD. Convert your DVD movies to a format compatible with portable devices with the very best dvd rippers.

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