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Discover The Joy Of Building A New Custom Florida Home

If so, then you will want to carefully consider all of your options, and find the best home builder for your new home. There are many different types of homebuilders, and in general, only custom home builders offer you the freedom to personalize your new Florida home in a way that emphasizes you own unique taste and style. But that is not the only reason to consider a custom home builder rather than a tract (aka Cookie-Cutter) home builder. The simple truth is, home builders who specialize in building tract homes tend to buy lower quality materials at bulk prices.

They can do this because if every home has the same exact features, and the customer has no idea what sort of materials are being used, the builders can order cheaper materials in mass quantities and make a large profit. So even if you could care less about decorating and customizing the look of your new Florida home, in most cases, you are better served by a custom home builder who specializes in customer service, has a good reputation over a number of years, and uses high quality materials. For the both home buyer who loves to express their personal style and the one who doesn't Some people like a simple style that is neutral and unobtrusive, and don't want to have to make a lot of choices regarding décor. For others, decorating is an integral part of making a house into our home. Both groups of home buyers would be satisfied with a custom home.

For the buyer who wants simplicity, most builders can recommend or have on staff a decorating specialist who can help new home buyers choose their color and style options. Or, buyers can choose the decorating scheme of one of the builder's model homes. For the buyer who loves to decorate and sees the process as a great deal of fun, custom builders offer many interior and exterior design choices.

This allows the creative buyer free reign to choose the look and style of their new home, and make their home a reflection of their distinct personality. The flexibility of color Everyone has their favorite colors, and different colors evoke different emotional responses. Do you enjoy the blank canvas of pure white walls, or soft neutrals like sage and soft cream? Perhaps bold, bright colors, or desert oranges and yellows make you feel right at home. Custom home builders give their home buyers freedom to choose the color scheme that suits them best. It is worth the time and effort to find the Florida custom home builder who offers you a wide range of color options.

Also, be sure your builder is using high quality paint, and pay attention to finishes on your ceilings and walls. For example, knock-down ceiling texture is much more modern and stylish than dated popcorn texture. The kitchen you have always dreamed of A quality Florida home builder will offer numerous, high-end options so their customers can create the look of their kitchen. Look for granite countertops in your choice of colors, ceramic or porcelain tiles, good quality appliances and durable cabinetry. Observe the quality of fixtures a builder uses.

You can tell a lot from the little things! A beautiful bathroom Your custom Florida home should include several bathroom features and options. Your master bathroom should feature a garden-style tub, built-in vanity area, and a glass shower enclosure. All bathrooms in the home should include built-in vanities and tile in shower and bath areas, as well as tile flooring. Look for a builder who doesn't splurge on the master bath and scrimp on the rest. Bring it all together with flooring Flooring can be the element that ties your entire decorating scheme together.

Do you love the pristine feel of pure white carpeting? You can have it if you find the right custom home builder. If you like bold, bright colors, soft neutrals, or shades of grey, you can have them as well. Your custom home package should also include tile flooring in the kitchen, bathrooms (including shower and bathtub areas), foyer, and laundry area.

A quality custom home builder gives you the options you need to choose just the right colors and styles to suit your needs.

Tom Beaty is a homebuilder and real estate broker for over 25 years. For free information on Florida home builders visit; Florida homr builders

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