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Be Successful Franchise Marketing System

This article is one of several articles that I have written specifically about this Marketing System. We have talked about the term: Funded Marketing Sponsoring System. We are going to go one step further and use the term: Funded Sponsoring Franchise System. At this point after all these articles, why the change in terminology? Here's the point. Most of you reading these articles are not new to internet marketing. You have a certain mental image if I use terms such as: marketing, internet marketing, sponsoring, home based business, online business promotion, lead generation and etc.

If I say the term: Franchise, what is your mental image? Most people immediately think of McDonald's, Wendy's, Burger King, Taco Bell and etc. In this article, I hope to draw some parallels between Internet Marketing and the Franchise System. You also need to keep in mind that most marketing systems are not a Franchise System.

You also need to be able to recognize the difference. First we are going to discuss why a Franchise is important to our marketing pursuits. Then we are going to discuss the terminology of the Funded Sponsoring Franchise System. I like to think of a Franchise as a business in a box. (In the case of a Franchise, it is a very big box.

) A Franchise is a complete business. As a Franchise owner for the typical franchise, you are purchasing a business that comes complete with a fully developed marketing plan, operation plan and training program. If, for example, you were to purchase a McDonald's Restaurant, do you think you would fail if you followed their training program? Do you think your Restaurant is in the best location because of their research work? Unless you go out of your way, it is hardly unlikely you will fail with a McDonald's Restaurant Franchise. (We will get back to this point later.) Are there internet marketing franchise systems available online today? Of course there are and there are several of them.

But, NOT ALL SYSTEMS ARE CREATED EQUAL! There are marketing systems and there are Franchise marketing systems. Some of the marketing systems are no more than a listing of internet marketing resources. With these systems, it is up to you to EXPERIMENT (with your money) and find out what works and what does not.

The problem with this is that you might throw away a perfectly good resource saying it does not work but you missed a critical step when setting it up. A Franchise Marketing System will not only provide you with internet marketing resources but will also show you how to use them. With a Franchise Marketing System, you should expect a detailed plan on how to market your business. This plan should include resources that have a track record for producing results and instructions on how to best utilize these tools.

You can expect to pay a monthly cost for the use of this Franchise Marketing System. (I know of only one that does not charge you for the system.) If you take internet marketing and divide it into stages, you would have the following 3 stages. 1. General Internet Marketing 2.

Internet Marketing Systems 3. Franchise Marketing System We are going to give you one more stage but it actually is part of stage 3. This is the Funded Sponsoring Franchise System. Before we get to this, I want you to understand what these stages represent. GENERAL INTERNET MARKETING- You will run across this when you sign up with most companies.

They will brag about all the marketing tools and resources they have in their backroom for you to be successful marketing your business. (Most home business owners believe this and this is why they fail. Tools and resources alone are not enough.) INTERNET MARKETING SYSTEMS- You will see a lot of these marketing systems coming at you through emails from you upline sponsor when you sign up in their business.

They will send you all the tools they use (that they have signed up at the Pro level) so you can sign up under them and do the same when you sign up your recruits. Since you never learned how to bring recruits into your business, you basically spend too much money then leave the business trying to find one that works! FRANCHISE MARKETING SYSTEM- Often, you will see a Franchise Marketing System coming from some of the top marketers that are using not only the tools and resources but they also know you need training and support to make it work. (This is really getting close to where we want to be.) FUNDED SPONSORING FRANCHISE SYSTEM- We went all the way around the block to get here but we finally made it. Sometimes it is important to see what we don't want before we can recognize what we do want. Marketing in general WILL COST YOU MONEY! There should be no surprise in that statement.

Yes there are FREE MARKETING tools online that you can use but to be successful, you will spend some money on advertising. Here is the twist. When we talk about a FUNDED SPONSORING FRANCHISE SYSTEM, we are talking about covering the costs of your advertising dollars and Funding your advertising costs. Remember, I said I would get back to this: Unless you go out of your way, it is hardly unlikely you will fail with a McDonald's Restaurant Franchise. With the right system, you will succeed if and when you decide to succeed. I say that because it is just like owning a restaurant or hotel franchise and closing for weekends.

Many of us have multi-million dollar businesses that we have sat on because it only cost a few hundred dollars to own our home business. If we bought a Franchise like a Subway Sandwich Shop, would we market for it if we felt like it this week or abandon the Franchise Marketing Plan. At some point, we will have to talk about the cost of your Funded Sponsoring Franchise System. You will see how this is the most cost effective way to market online.

Right now, just to wrap up, I want to leave you with some background information that I shared in one of the first articles in this series related to Funded Proposals. I was first introduced to this concept many years ago but unfortunately, I did not see how it would fit into a Network Marketing concept. Two of the top internet marketer I had spoken with at various times about how they covered their costs of advertising with this concept. They were using the internet for direct selling and I really did not see how to use this concept for Network Marketing because of this. What they would do is sell a product for $8- $10 but not more than $20.

This would generally be an information product that they could deliver over the internet after the purchase is completed. The product would have to have a broad appeal. They would use their marketing resources to advertising this product sometimes costing them thousands of dollars in advertising.

(They also knew their resources well! Hint! ! ! ) The entire cost of their advertising was covered by the sales that resulted from this campaign. Now, pay close attention and you will be quizzed later. If I told you nothing more, you would think these guys were nuts! They would spend thousands of dollars just to break even! NO, they received very, very, very targeted leads and covered their cost of obtaining them! Now these customers have a relationship with them and they are SATISFIED CUSTOMERS! (HINT!) Now the marketer knows what their customers want and they have virtually no cost selling to them. And what about the SATISFIED CUSTOMERS that the Marketing Gurus continued to sell to.

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Relationship Marketing

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